Basque, root language

Euskara (Basque) is not only the native language of these villages and valleys, but also the cornerstone of their identity. It has been used over the generations to record and pass on stories, events, the way of life, and the local history.

Today, two languages are spoken in the region: Spanish, which monopolizes the most important social functions and is spoken by practically 100% of the population; and Euskara, spoken by 70-80% of inhabitants and reduced to a second-rate language, designated for use in social situations that bear much less weight. The distance between the small communities of the region has resulted in a great diversity of dialects and expressions which can be noted in each area.

In recent years a huge effort has been made to `standardize´ Euskara (although in some villages it is still in decline) and fruit of this effort is the increased number of students who have opted for an education in Euskara; not only that, but the creation of magazines and radio stations, municipal services, literature, etc. … the language is still alive!

Our aim is for this language, which has served us to receive and pass on stories, legends and traditions for so many years, to be used in the future in all areas of life both private and professional. In order to achieve this, both the genuine efforts of those who live in the region and the respect and understanding of visitors to the area are greatly appreciated.