Teodosio de Goñi
Roughly speaking, this legend tells us about the time when Teodosio de Goñi came back from fighting the Muslims and he had a vision of a pilgrim, who in fact was the devil, who tlod him his wife was unfaithful to him. He went into a tantrum, came into the house and killed his parents who were lying on the nupcial bed. He had to turn to Rome so that the Pope bid him pardon for the patricide. As penance, he had to wander about in the mountains burdened with chains until the chains broke.

Wandering about in Aralar, he got near a dragon´s cave and he was attacked. Teodosio commended his soul to Saint Michael who came in his help, beat the dragon and made it flee to hell through a deep hole. The chains Teodosio was bearing finally broke. He built a sanctuary in honor of the Archangel: this is San Miguel de Aralar Sanctuary, where you can still see the chams through which the dragon fled.


Azeari Sumakilla

Legend has it that the region’s most infamous bandit – Azeari Sumakilla – was living in the watchtower in Areso. His real name was Don Pedro Martínez de Oyanederra, who was a great nobleman married to Doña Elvira.

Before dying, his wife tells Don Pedro a secret: one of their three children was the result of an extramarital affair. Don Pedro, enraged, called in the three children and asked Doña Elvira to point out the illegitimate child. In response to the woman’s silence, Don Pedro ties the three children to the bed of their dying mother and burns them.

Oyanederra flees, tormented and aimless, with his horse. When he is trapped, he is taken prisoner and sentenced to death before the illustrious personage known as "García Almorabid". This latter remembers the childhood moments he had shared with Oyanederra and pardons him, with the only condition being that he should disappear far away. So, Don Pedro disappears and Azeari Sumakilla appears, taking the tower in Areso with a group of bandits.

This bandit, who was feared by all, discovers in a box that he had given Doña Elvira as a gift that it was his close friend Don García who had been his wife’s lover. 

Don García Almorabid asks the bandit Sumakilla for help in the war of 1276. Azeari returns to the mountains and comes upon García Almorabid, who falls into the bandit’s hands in the Andia Mountains. García Almorabid is stoned to death with his punishment as an adulterer.