The region boasts a great variety of wildlife: typical forest dwellers; animals which inhabit the open countryside; and rock and river dwellers. The most apparent fauna is farm animals: sheep, cows and horses; but hidden from view are red deer, roe deer, wild boars, badgers, martens and garden dormice.

The largest form of birdlife and those most frequently spotted are the rock dwellers: vultures, Egyptian vultures, kites and Ravens. The smaller species inhabit the forests, the open countryside and the mountain tops: the bluetit, robin, chaffinch and blackbird.

The rivers and ponds also provide an environment full of animal life: fish (trout, barbels and soufies); mammals (pole cats, martens, mink); batrachia, amphibians and reptiles (salamanders, the common and the speckled newt, the green and the red frog, toads).