There is surprising number of prehistoric stone monuments or megaliths in the region: dolmens, burial mounds, cromlechs and menhirs. They indicate the existence of a pastoral culture and were used for burial purposes, except for the menhirs whose exact function is unknown.

The sierra de Aralar, with its 44 dolmen y 1 menhir lies within Navarre and constitutes one of the most important dolmen sites in the Iberian peninsula. There are more in Araitz, Gorriti-Uitzi, Basaburua and Ultzama.

Burial mounds: these are large mounds of stones with dolmens placed on the top, although in some cases the latter have disappeared. In other cases the mound itself has disappeared leaving only the large stones which are constructed in the form of a shelter with three vertical upright stones covered by one larger stone.

There are no cromlechs in the region (stone circles) or menhirs (large stones driven into the ground) with the exception of one in the Ata valley known as Erroldan Arriya.